The executables provided by certhub only depend on openssl and any of the following supported ACME clients: Certbot, Dehydrated or Lego. Certhub includes DNS-01 challenge hooks for nsupdate and Lexicon.

In order to use the systemd units, git and git-gau is required.


Navigate to the Certhub releases page and pick the latest certhub-dist.tar.gz tarball. Copy it to the target machine and unpack it there.

$ scp dist/certhub-dist.tar.gz
$ ssh sudo tar -C /usr/local -xzf ~/certhub-dist.tar.gz

Alternatively use the following ansible task to copy and unarchive a dist tarball into /usr/local. Note that git-gau can be installed in the same way.

- name: Certhub present
  notify: Systemd reloaded
    src: files/certhub-dist.tar.gz
    dest: /usr/local